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How To: Stream Your Next Event Live On “Google Hangouts on Air” To YouTube

Want to get more out of live streaming your event? Here’s how to stream Google Hangouts on Air to YouTube and how you can use this to get more exposure.


There are many webinar and video chat tools available. They offer the possibility for greater communication, but can also be quite confusing. YouTube and Google Hangouts on Air eliminate the confusion and offer the additional benefit of recording your event while showing it in multiple places at once. 

Read on and discover how to stream your next Google Hangout on Air to YouTube.

Uber Fiercely Criticized For Increasing Its Prices During London Tube Strike

Uber often defends its “surge” price increases by explaining capitalism, but it took a new tack after a controversial surge in London. The city was gripped by a…


Uber’s chart also showed that a £19 cab far could’ve run as high as £32.50 when surge pricing hit 2.5X in the AM (it went as high as 2.9X). Uber said that it provides users with a clear warning about surge pricing, and offers the option of waiting for it to go down. It also reminded everyone that “no one has to travel when surge pricing is in effect – it’s entirely your choice.” Still, other see it differently. A London mayoral candidate told the Guardian, “Uber may be very clever with their ‘dynamic demand,’ but it still looks like a rip-off when you are struggling to get to and from work while the tube is out of action.”

Brand Challenge: Is There a ‘Recipe’ for Going Viral? “Meet Consumers’ Expectations, or Become Irrelevant.”

Digitally savvy brands that meet consumers on their own terms can drive greater engagement, write Google’s Kelli Wasuri and Gopi Kallayil.


In the digital world, consumers don’t want to be ambushed by advertising; instead, they expect brands to advertise to them only when they grant brands permission to do so. Consumers expect brands to deliver something valuable in their messaging, whether its entertainment, education, or utility. And lastly, consumers know they have the power to amplify a brand’s message, and they expect to actively participate in doing so.  

The message is clear — to be successful in the digital era, brands must listen to the demands of their consumers when marketing to them: “Meet our expectations, or become irrelevant.”

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