Uber Fiercely Criticized For Increasing Its Prices During London Tube Strike

Uber often defends its “surge” price increases by explaining capitalism, but it took a new tack after a controversial surge in London. The city was gripped by a…

Source: www.engadget.com

Uber’s chart also showed that a £19 cab far could’ve run as high as £32.50 when surge pricing hit 2.5X in the AM (it went as high as 2.9X). Uber said that it provides users with a clear warning about surge pricing, and offers the option of waiting for it to go down. It also reminded everyone that “no one has to travel when surge pricing is in effect – it’s entirely your choice.” Still, other see it differently. A London mayoral candidate told the Guardian, “Uber may be very clever with their ‘dynamic demand,’ but it still looks like a rip-off when you are struggling to get to and from work while the tube is out of action.”

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